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Full stack web developer

Email: michael1994d@gmail.com

Phone: 054-4721640

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Freelance Web projects

Can create super fast SEO friendly static website with Gatsby and a headless CMS, for instance landing pages, info pages, catalogs, portfolio, blog, and more.

Web development

Can work on full time development job. If you like my work and want me to be on your team Please contact me at michael1994d@gmail.com


Full-Stack web developer

Web development


Building production projects from end to end with two main tech stacks, MERN and PERN.

Being responsible for all the architecture of the backend as well as frontend

Building scalable SPA considering all the important issues like performance and security

Making every single decision and learning to find any solution needed for the situation

Constantly learning new technologies to improve my development speed and efficiency

Featured projects

Nati Chef - Recipes project
Jewelry Ecommerce
Travel app
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